Dedicated to using the healing power of nature and self care to empower families to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

The Fiery Maple Philosophy

First. Do No Harm. (primum non nocere)

Nature* Heals. It is God’s** Medicine. It is the safest medicine with the least amount of side effects and is the medicine best suited for human beings.

You are the True Healer. A healthcare practitioner’s role is to aid YOU in activating, unleashing and amplifying the healing power you already possess within.  ‘I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Psalms 139:14

Treat the Whole Person. (tolle totum) The environment, relationships, thought patterns, and habits that fostered your ailment must be addressed and modified for lasting healing to occur.

Treat the Cause (tolle causam). For lasting healing to occur the root cause of disease must be addressed. You can never treat enough symptoms to correct the cause. The modern medical/pharmaceutical system has saved countless lives and has its uses and place. However, pharmaceuticals manage disease states, they do not cure. Management of symptoms is not and NEVER will be a cure.

Community Heals. We are created for community. It is essential to our continued wellbeing. To be surrounded by people we know, trust and care for and who likewise do the same for us.

You Must Take Care of Yourself, First. If you are to take care of others.  Self-care is the true preventative care.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States estimates that stress accounts for about 75% of all doctor visits. 

Teach. (docere) Doctor comes from the Latin word “to teach”. The expectation is that a health care practitioners relays the factors that affect health and disease, and encourages self-responsibility for health.  Resulting in individuals who are informed and better able to maintain their own health.

Personal Responsibility. Transforming one’s health takes, time, dedication, and WORK. For some it is easy, for others it is a struggle. The key to your health isn’t an expert/doctor/herbalist but, You.

*Nature = light, vibration, frequency, herbs, food in their natural state, physical touch (massage, chiropractic care, cranial-sacral, etc.) water, the great outdoors.

**Goddess, Yaweh, the Universe, the Force, She/he who causes to become. Whatever term you are comfortable with.