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For the last two and a half years I have suffered from heavy, irregular periods. During the pandemic quarantine I ended up in the emergency room after experiencing hemorrhaging and severe abdominal cramping. Because of the pandemic I wasn’t able to be seen by a specialist so my family doctor gave me several prescriptions to try and stop the bleeding, none of which worked. I spoke to Shalina while I was still bleeding and very weak, and she gave me her recommendation to stop the bleeding. Several hours after taking my first dose, the bleeding slowed. After 24 hours, it had completely stopped. Shalina also delivered additional supportive plant medicine which helped replenish what my body had lost, and wrote a comprehensive plan for healing, which I have been following. After two and a half years, my cycle is finally normal. I’m so grateful to Shalina for compassionately sharing her expertise and highly recommend her service.

C. Brabbs